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'Because Life is the most spiritual thing you can do'
The Starlight Annual course in Channeling and connection is now more thorough, unique and multi-dimensional than ever!!!
A course in Channeling and Connection 

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 ​​​​​Starlight is holding space for this truly magical and empowering course on connection and channeling. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop your intuition, learn to  channel your spirit guides and raise your vibration. It is a journey of opening to your gifts of connection, instinct, awareness and channeling and can really advance you whether you are an absolute begginner or an experienced Channel
Channeling is a hugely powerful foundation for living a life of flow and using your gifts of connection in your life and work. It gives you the freedom of knowing what is right for you in every area of your life and learning how to truly live the dance of that flow. This is also an ideal course for anyone wanting to use or introduce Channeling into their spiritual work and/or become a professional channel or teacher themselves.
We have run the course once a year for several years and each year we add in aspects of Channeling that Katy* has acquired herself as she has become a more and more powerful channel herself, this year there is the addition of Dimensional Channeling, a form of channelling Katy was teaching over in Tokyo Japan earlier this year and a type of Channeling extremley advanced and effective.
Katy ​​​​:

"Channeling is one of the best things anyone can learn to do, it is a birth right and will vastly deepen your spiritual practise and transform your path. It is at the heart of my work and my life and soul is in this course. The course is channelled and each year flows with synchronistic and divine understanding about what is best for the individuals who are doing it. It is focused on empowering your ability to connect to yourself and spirit in a truly joyful way. It nourishes so many gifts of connection in each person  and will really shifts the way you experience life.... No matter what past experience you have this course will help you to have deeper heart based connection to the Universe and your path."
The course runs over a period of 5 weeks and each of these five weeks we dedicate to one aspect of Channelling, this way we can spend time focusing on that aspect and thoroughly understanding and immersing ourselves in it before moving onto the next. The five weeks are split us as follows:

HEART- Learn to listen to the infinite passions of your heart - which is the key that unlocks YOUR connection to everything. The more you follow your heart the more the Universe can and will speak to you….you begin to live more synchronistically - which is mind-blowing, magical and filled with miracles and the perfect foundation on which to build your channelling knowledge and experience.

HIGHER-SELF- This week we learn to listen to the infinite love of our higher-self and consciousness. Working with the Angelic consciousness (higher-self) and the Animal Consciousness (instinct) we learn knowingness, deepen the trust and respect we have for ourselves and become Master decision makers. 

ENERGY- Learn to listen to the infinite expressions of energy. Exploring the 5 senses of the third eye, discover your first energetic language. Learn to experience auras, read energy and work vibrationally. Energy is everywhere and everything.

SPIRIT GUIDES - Learn to listen to the infinite wisdom of your spirit guides. Spirit guides are friends with benefits (Beyond your dimension benefits) not only are they everso joyful, funny and uplifting but they impart wisdom from a bigger picture understanding. They teach you, guide you, hold space for you, send healing to you-they will always answer you. Your spirit guides share wisdom from kingdoms, worlds and lifetimes - it’s amazing. 

FLOW AND DIMENSIONAL CHANNELING  - This last session is an integration of all that we have learnt. It is about helping you find your own unique dance between your gifts of connection. By opening up to Flow we open up the gift of dimensional channeling which is the 5th Dimensional way of channeling. It teaches you to  spiral through the dimensions and meet your guides in other worlds. This week focuses on how be in empowered flow, so you learn to use spiritual discernment of which technique to use when. It is about allowing that which you have unlocked on the course to blossom and flourish into the future and a perfect way to end our course.

What  YOU GET...

When you sign up for starlights channelling and connection course you will receive an email from us every day from the beginning (01st November 2017) until the end (06th December 2017) thats 35 emails, all of these emails will contain,in-depth channelled meditations guidance and instruction including personal ceremonies and videos with further instruction and advice.
You will receive these every day that does not mean you have to complete them there and then, we understand life is busy and some days it is just not possible but we try and keep things managable and straight forward and we do encourage you to try and keep up with the general momentum of the course.
Practice makes perfect and this course does try and encourage a little bit of that every day where possible.

Once a week at the beggining of each aspect there is a three hour live workshop, held in Brixton, South London, these run every wednesday for 5 consectutive wednesdays (7pm-10pm) dont worry if you opt for doing this course online (package 1) or you are unable to attend any or all of the workshops for some reason because we record theese workshops, live and whilst there happening and then send them to you in the email the following morning.

Private Online Group
We have a private online group for all members of the course, here you can share your thoughts, process, channellings and anything else you might want to share regarding the course.  Katy is on hand for a few hours every day to take a look at your comments and progress and to help in anyway she can- this space is a really great way of building confidence with your channelling as well, it is a safe supportive environment and a major asset to the learning process.

Personal one to one time and support from Katy
If you opt for package 3 you not only get access to all of the above but you also get 5 1 to 1 sessions with Katy via Skype, Once a week, at your convience you can spend an hour with Katy going over anything you maybe struggling with, maybe your want to enhance a specific aspect of your channelling or go over a block you have experienced.  This is the place where you can get Katys undivided attention and she can work with you individually to get you to become the best Channel you can be.
"​​​Channeling has been one of the greatest gifts to my life and path, it has enriched it in the most unbelievable magical ways... learning to channel is birth right and  that leads to a never ending  evolution of self.  It brings so much depth to every experience of life and supports your path in  so many unlimited ways of love. Learning to channel is easy, becoming an empowered channel, one that is versed in many tools of connection takes practise. This course is designed to fascilate your practise which is why there is an daily connection exercises   - these practises are joyful immersive explorations into your gift and are an important part of the process, making time for yourself to connect is part of the journey. By doing so you will built a strong foundation for connection that will serve you for the rest of your life. There is a huge amount of feedback and naturing from me  and my  guides so that your unique gift can root and blossom. Since you are held in the energy of the course your life experinces at the time will weave through the journey to support the transformation of self that comes through learning to connect in this way."

Feedback from the previous years channelling courses

Tom, 2016

Katie, 2016

Laura, 2016

I’d like to thank both Kathryn and Katy for creating the space to allow such an abundance of magic to flow throughout and beyond the duration of the course. To have such a supportive and inspiring group really helps oneself to open to the possibilities and potentialities that we hide within our own selves. I feel renewed, reborn and refreshed... Bathed in the love of Gaia and the Universe, i now feel that i can take on all that life may throw at me with the acknowledgement of our guiding angles and spirits, and with the courage to hold steadfast in my own faith and truth.​​​​
“I have just finished the most magical 5 weeks of a course in channeling and connection. It has been such a heart-opening,CRAZY ADVENTURE, with the most beautiful souls, and I honestly feel like everything has been transformed out of me that was holding me back. It has all been turned into such sparkling light, and I am forever grateful for being alive and having such a wonderful life. Thank you to my beautiful friends at Starlight Meditation, Katy Tucker and Kathryn Farmer, and all of my butterfly family. You have all made my dreams come true!"
“I cannot recommend Starlight for this channeling course enough, Starlight makes you work, open and really face yourself. The result then being a shift in your reality you can't even imagine. This style of connection work is priceless, as it becomes a healing journey first and then as Katy shares directly from source, her guides, from her heart you are shifted into new realms of connection, consciousness - a totally new way of relating to your experience down here on Earth. All this is shared from a place of unconditional love, with humour, with fun, with sparkle! Katy and Kath are a formidable team and take great care to make sure they honour those who work with them. Eternal love, thanks and the deepest gratitude to Starlight, with the exercises serving as a life long tool box on my journey on my path, I feel absolutely prepared to continue my channeling daily practise to strengthen and deepen my connection to my wonderful guides. Love, thanks and the brightest blessings

Eve, 2016



“i am so grateful to starlight meditations team ! After I did channeling spirits and guides course  my heart feels deeply connected to myself ! I have confidence to listen to my intuition and speaking my heart . There are no judgments at all. I was in that bliss stage throughout the whole course . (oh boy, that felt good). What happened for me during the course was extraordinary…… Katy is a great wise soul , she has been a great teacher and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting her , learning from her , helping me truly realise how amazing channellers we already are . I absolutely recommend her courses and her sessions.Thank you so much for everything Katy . I am so very grateful to you , Katherine , other channellers and the Universe for bringing us all together” 
“This course became a catalyst for my personal transformation and development. It helped me to know all aspects of me. I was able to release the dark side which was hidden deep within me. I was also able to "meet the light" and raise my vibration to a highest level. What is more important, this course has taught me to connect with my higher self and spirit guides. Do you know what that means? It’s like – before doing this course I was using my car in a traffic jam to go from A to B. Imagine if you could fly and there is no need to use the roads to travel from A to B. This course has taught me to fly, and follow my own unique path :)”
"This course taught me that going back to basics helps all areas of my life flow, and it was amazing watching so many blocks turn into light and feeling so much gratitude for my journey. I came away with a deep understanding that our paths are only here to help us. I have had the most joyous experience learning how to channel, and it wouldn't be an adventure without hurdles along the way. I have completed it, with a deep clarity within my soul, and an emptiness of all that I am. I have never felt so full and so warm, with the glow of life in every part of my being. This course has changed my life, and allowed me to remember that I am the one who can change it. You are empowered into your own light, and made to feel at home in your own aura. A teaching I have never before experienced. Starlight is its own magic entirely, and I cannot recommend this adventure enough for your evolution and your happiness.

Online package

Package 1 £999
A fully immersive online course including recordings of all Live workshops and the Online Private sharing space.
Package 2 £1110

In Person Package- Limited to 12 spaces

*Book with a friend and get the discounted price of £777pp-contact us for details*

A fully immersive course including admittance to some or all of our Wednesday in person workshops held in London every wednesday of November 7pm-10pm

Package 3 £1510

Package 1 or 2 PLUS five 1to1's with Katy-Limited to 5 spaces

Get either package one or two plus five 1 to 1 personal skype sessions with Katy schedualed at your convience to get the absolute most out of yourself as a channel.