About Starlight Meditation...
'The Rock and Roll of spirituality'

Starlight meditation is run by Katy (the Channel/Teacher/right brain) and Kath (manager
travel co-ordinator and everything else left brained) 
Starlight meditation is fundamentally about self-empowerment working a lot with Shadow so we can be our authentic self and truely understand who we are and deal with anything that blocks us or gets in our way (both on a 3d and 5d level) Shadow work often does assist this healing on a deep core level and is therfore transformed in a thorough and whole process.

We see this as the key to true, core happiness and global ascension. The workshops, ceremonies, retreats and soul journeys that we run are dedicated to helping people find empowerment in their lives and as they walk their spiritual paths. 
Starlight believes that spirituality is something you experience, that every person's truth is unique and that everyone's truth makes up the whole truth of the Universe. The events that we do are about holding space for people to have an experience of their truth, ultimately our work is about love and we try and offer a way of doing spirituality that can be incorporated into your everyday life and not something that needs your life to totally transform in order to accommodate it.

About Katy...
I am a channel and have been practising as a Channel for 9 years and most of the work that I do comes under the umbrella of channelling! I am blessed to have all sorts of different guides who hold space for many different things - so there is lots of variety in Starlight Meditation’s calendar. Most of what I do is channeled, and often confirmed with synchronicities so it is in flow. I channel Star-beings, Ancestors, Fairies, Elementals, ascended masters and Goddesses - and any guides that in the highest good at the time. I feel honoured to be learning and growing with such wonderful guides as I walk my path. It is quite an adventure but one that is always so full of love and wisdom.  I am also a light-worker, being an indigo I have been guided to work closely with other indigoes and assist them in finding their power. I run an annual channelling course for anyone who is called to connecting to their own guides and one to one channelled courses all year. (please see the courses section of this website)
The light work that I do with the Earth is often with the crystal grid - a crystalline manifestation grid deep within the Earth, opening portals at Sacred Sites and healing in denser places. Most of my light work projects are
long term such as the Ibiza project, and the city of London project - my guides say change happens at the pace of Gaia and our ascension journey will too! At the end of 2015 I also committed to working with healing the Divine Feminine, i believe that bringing this into balance with the sacred masculine is so key at this time. I am a very creative free spirited person and feel so blessed that my service is one that take me around the world and allows me to be true to me. I always say to people that ask about their path that your path is better than you could have ever imagined because this is how I feel about my work, I adore it! 

About Kath...
I have been an avid traveller of the world for most of my life, I believe that a clear understanding of the earth, through experiences and immersion, is what will facilitate in the re-establishment of the harmony between human and nature something that I try and bring to starlight on all retreats and soul journeys. 
I have been involved with music for many years and also strongly believe that with the assistance of music and sound that any meditative experience or ceremony can be deeply intensified and become more transformational I work a lot with natural sound waves and the creation of meditative and crystalline sound. I am also the logical one who makes all of katys wonderful ideas a reality- between Katy and myself we are trying to create a 'non-perscribed' safe space for people from all walks of life to come,be and grow together both spiritually as day to day human beings. I also identify as 'Priesty" 

Together we are unstoppable.

Our Story...

Our company is always evolving, it started a fortnightly meditation classes that began because Katy’s wonderful teacher, Solara moved to ibiza- When she left she asked Katy if she wanted to take over her class and teach her meditations, Katy was very honoured to say yes and starlight was born. The fortnightly meditation classes felt like ‘training on the job'- during these classes many guides introduced themselves! Soon Katy was guided to start doing bigger workshops and courses and also light work on location at sacred sites all over the UK. A year after starlight began we held our first soul journey to Avebury and six months after that Kath was recruited as starlights wonderful manger and retreat co-ordinator as it was evident we needed to take starlight Global. Starlight now runs regular workshops in London and Brighton. We run retreats and soul journeys in Europe and the UK and also run global online courses and were honoured to teach in both the USA and Japan in 2015-2018 - It has been a very exciting time for starlight and we hope that you are called to join us on our magical adventures. 

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