About Starlight Meditation...
'The Rock and Roll of spirituality'

Starlight meditation is run by Katy (the Channel/Teacher/right brain) and Kath (manager, travel
-ordinator and everything else left brained) 

Starlight meditation is fundamentally about self-empowerment working a lot with Shadow so we can be our authentic self and truly understand who we are and deal with anything that blocks us or gets in our way (both on a 3d and 5d level) Shadow work often does assist this healing on a deep core level and is therefore transformed in a thorough and whole process.
We see this as the key to true, core happiness and global ascension. The workshops, ceremonies, retreats and soul journeys that we run are dedicated to helping people find empowerment in their lives and as they walk their spiritual paths. 
Starlight believes that spirituality is something you experience, that every person's truth is unique and that everyone's truth makes up the whole truth of the Universe. The events that we do are about holding space for people to have an experience of their truth, ultimately our work is about love and we try and offer a way of doing spirituality that can be incorporated into your everyday life and not something that needs your life to totally transform in order to accommodate it.
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About Katy...
Hi my beautiful tribe, My name is Katy and I am a space holder, channel and light warrior-ess and founder member of Starlight Soul Journeys.
Starlight’s journeys and ceremonies always have Tribe at the center of them, in Starlight we are in community with the Earth, with Spirit, with the Guides and with Each Other. 

Every journey and ceremony is a collaboration and co-creation on so many epic and beautiful levels. 
Myself and my guides lead all ceremonies, circles and courses we do but we do not encourage hierarchy-There is no Guru, no way-shower, everyone is equal and everyone shows up will the full spectrum of their truth, expression, light, and shadow. Everyone is a space holder, a healer and being healed. Within the circle of the tribe, everyone’s roles come from their essence, their innate gifts and my role is that of a Priestess of Ceremonies, which is smilier to being an energetic conductor - communicating and guiding the tempo and vision of the journeys. When I am space holding I am channeling. I use many different types of channeling, for intuition, to womb channeling, to downloading, to direct voice channeling to multidimensional and portal channeling. I am blessed to be able to channel a huge range of guides and energies, I channel Angels, Star Beings, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Temples, Deities, Ascend masters and many other types of Guides. During the bigger ceremonies, there will often be many guides and energies channeling through at one time to create a cauldron of healing energy, medicine, and wisdom.

My energy body is often a portal for through which the guides work and I feel very blessed to be able to work with them in this way. Channeling is at the center of my life and all that I do spiritually, to me channeling is like being able to access the infinite library of the Universe, this means that there is always an abundance of energies, wisdom, medicines, traditions, light-geometry and cosmic truths pouring through Starlight’s Ceremonies. The guides have a bird's eye view that spans across time and space and it is why the healing is so epic and multi-dimensional. They often carry the groups into that vision with portal and dimensional channeling so that we can to experience past, present and future dimensions
realities and worlds… it still blows my mind that “trip through- the -dimensions” can be experienced simply through energetic connection without taking any hallucinogenics.
My path began in my late teens, I was looking for ways to help myself because I was so depressed and did not want to stay on medication- I explored many different techniques and practices in connection, manifesting and becoming happy. In my early 20s, after seeing energy for the first time I became a healer. I have worked as a healer for over 10 years and in 2011 I started channeling. Starlight began in 2012 and this is when I began to space hold for groups, my intention as a space holder was and still is to empower those I hold space for, to hold them and see them without judging them, so that they can love, heal and raise themselves out the wounds of the past. From that intention, my path evolved into something that was deeply transformational. To help each of them to develop their unique connection because connection and channeling have made my life so full, happy and magical. Magic the word that fills my heart with joy, I love the magic of synchronistic alinement, the wonder that comes from working in some of the most beautiful places on earth, the magic of tribe and deep self-communion that create such profound change in peoples lives. I love my path, I love the people I hold space for and I love the guides and healing energies I channel. Starlight is a place where light work, earthwork, collective consciousness healing 
and self-work are woven together, this happens through working with the crystal grid, portals and aura alchemy, the dance of these 3 processes is a “firework display” of energetic healing and one that I am always to grateful to witness, channel and serve.
Ultimately my path is about love, learning and sharing how to love myself, ourselves, the earth, spirit and universe, Any tool, wisdom or energy that can create more love I will flow with. Love is how our paths unfold…

About Kath...

Im Kath, I’ve been working alongside Katy for nearly 5 years now and for 4 of those years with Erica too, I began with a more organizational and logistical role which organically moved into a space holder role the more self-work and spiritual work I did, I felt the spiritual and personal growth almost immediately and realised my role with starlight was much bigger than I initially thought.
 I now work predominately with the ‘Priesti’ energy or energy of the twin gender and this has really unlocked so many life-changing things for me both energetically and in my day to day existence.
At Starlight- people often refer to my energy as very safe and grounding,
i also understand the importance of playfulness and humor which i
feel balance out the intensity of some of the self-work and shadow work that can occasionally come up on these journeys/workshops/courses.
I am so proud of Starlight, its Authenticity, rawness, honesty, and truth is at the core of all the work we do without judgment or hierarchy.

It makes Starlight unique and intensely effective and powerful- if this resonates with you then come and join us for a tribe journey.  
I also like to bring Music into Starlight and play the Hapi drum on a lot of our journeys and write music for our online courses. I still oversee the logistics and organization of all journeys too :)

Our Story...

Our company is always evolving, it started a fortnightly meditation classes that began because Katy’s wonderful teacher, Solara moved to ibiza- When she left she asked Katy if she wanted to take over her class and teach her meditations, Katy was very honored to say yes and starlight was born. The fortnightly meditation classes felt like ‘training on the job'- during these classes many guides introduced themselves! Soon Katy was guided to start doing bigger workshops and courses and also light work on location at sacred sites all over the UK. A year after starlight began we held our first soul journey to Avebury and six months after that Kath was recruited as starlights wonderful manager and retreat co-ordinator as it was evident we needed to take starlight Global. Starlight now runs regular workshops in London and Brighton. We run retreats and soul journeys in Europe and the UK and also run global online courses and were honoured to teach in both the USA and Japan in 2015-2018 - It has been a very exciting time for starlight and we hope that you are called to join us on our magical adventures. 
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