Between the Earth and the moon
-A one day sacred sisterhood and womb healing in Avebury 22nd Dec 10am-6pm

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Starlight is delighted to be holding space for a day of sacred sisterhood and womb healing in Avebury. On this day that light begins to grow (the shortest day, the solstice is the day before), the last full moon of the completes our collective healing journeys of 2018, Avebury will be overflowing with potent energies for change - the combination of the Completion of the Full moon and the New Birth of the Light is a portal for a New Begining. 
We have been guided to hold a day of sacred ceremony to connect to and anchor this portal for Deep feminine collective healing and a personal awakening into greater sister Hood with the Earth, the Moon and Each other.  
This day will be in flow but will include:

Womb Alchemy for the Witch story 

Supported by the ancient temple of Avebury will connect to our ancestral lines to heal the Great feminine wound of burning of the witches for ourselves, our mother line and Gaia. Womb to womb with Gaia we will let her grieve the loose of her witches and the disconnect that she is purging at this time. letting the mother feel and heal through us, letting the mother line heal and feel through us, we become re-connected, closing this disconnection wound on this saced portal day. 

Welcoming the New FEMININE IN UNITY Ceremony 

Channeling many goddess  and presti we will celebrate all the feminine magic that survived, that  is being remembered and reconnected in this time, reclaiming this deep earth magic in our own wombs. Flowing with these old ways we will welcome in the seeds of the new FEMININE IN UNITY way, which has forgiven and transcend the past and is dancing in Unity with the masculine. 
Downloading temple energies and truths in a deeply beautiful multi-dimensional portal ceremony 

Luna Magnetism Offering 

The day will end  honouring the competion of you healing journey this year, with a re-charging your magnetism ceremony, as we fill up and align with Luna’s Love, letting our wombs and waters filled with the divine sisterhood love that connects the Earth and The Moon, Gaia and Luna, we will be given a channeled lesson in Gracefull magnesium as we offer and manifest for 2019 and beyond. 

This is a really sacred day of self, earth and light work flowing as one. It is a day of sisterhood but in the spirit of the New Feminine IN Unity that we are inviting and helping to birth on this day, any men or presti (unity people) that are called to support this day are welcome to join and hold out circle space for witnessing, healing and protection  as is the way of the temple tradition.

*Meet at Red Lion Car Park at 9.50am*

The Early Bird cost for this day is £99 (rising to £122 if booked later than 10th December 2018) or if booked in addition to the three day Winter Solstice Avebury journey is just an extra £44.

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