Communing with the Goddess Starlights Winter Solstice Avebury Journey-
​December  19th-21st 2018  
  EB£288pp rising to £388pp if paid after December 2nd  

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Communing with the Goddess

A Starlight Soul Journey to Avebury for the Wintersolstice 

This is a journey of soothing the soul and the wounds of the separate self by receiving the Energies and truth of the Earth. Bathing in the Healing of the elements. 
It is a journey of coming home to and communing with Gaia, the goddess of creation.  It is a journey of developing your connection, offering your voice to Gaia so that through ou she can channeling the messages she has for you and her path. It is one communicating through whispers words and song as you receive the medicines of Earth through your meridians so that you can remember the great belonging that you are part of.  it is a journey of awakening the Feminine 3rd eye the Eye of Lilth by healing the place where your Dharma and Body meet. so that experience your divinity  embodied.  It is a journey of great and ancient vision, as you see the turning spirals of geometry that carry you through this collective healing, experience the currents and flows of your path aligning with the Micheal and Mary lines and ancient rhythm flows of the Earth energies that will be fountaining through Avebury. It is a journey of Merging into the Dance of the Goddess so that she can reveal your path to you, it is one of stone whispering, path seeding and sacred geometry healing as the rainbow flower of Life is activated in the heart of the Mother and with your centre, so that you pray and vision together. It is a journey of path, letting the Element ancestors of transformation into the parts of your life that no longer serve your path, letting goddess gaia them and you into oneness, into interconnectedness and into embodied divinity. 

This journey will be in flow but will include 

Initation Ceremony 
3 Opening the Self  Tea ceremonies
A rebirthing Ceremony in Long Barrow
A Fairy Mandala Offering Ceremony 
Path Code Activations at the Star Being Trees
Solstice Sunrise Ceremony 
Element healing Ceremonies
Rainbow Flower of Life Activation 
Cacao Ceremony ( inside a beautiful healing room within the Stone Circle) 
Candle lit humming bird vision walk

This is a journey where the Goddess Leads! Gaia will show you where to go and what to do. The stones will speak to you and through you. This is a journey of awakening the ancient Earth Goddess ways of connection that lie sleeping within you, the connection that will show you the divinity energy and geometry of the Earth. A journey of great acceptance of self, that will show you where you as you are belong, a journey of surrender into belonging, into oneness, into your path, into Gaia’s rainbow prayer. Supported by the spirit of the Humming bird, it is a journey into the necture and sweetness of your life, of pleasure, transcendence and Earth Poetry. 

The Full moon is the day after the Solstice on the 22nd. For those that are called we are holding a day of Feminine Magnestim Healing in Avebury, connecting to the sisterhood between the Earth and the Moon we will be exploring our own sisterhood with eh Earth and the moon. Healing our Wombs, blessing the New Waters of the earth, reviving our magnetic truths. 
This day is a separate day to the Avebury journey and costs £99 but if you are called to do both there is a discount please see below for more details.

Accommodation and Travel.
Please note your accommodation and travel are not included, there are plenty of wonderful bnb's in Avebury but try to book somewhere not too far from Avebury itself (Marlborough, Calne etc are good options) Travel to and From Avebury is possible by public transport or, if people are coming in groups from the same place we do encourage carpooling, please post on the event page (coming soon)if you can offer or need a lift 

The journey begins on 19th December at 12.00pm meeting at Red Lion and finishes at 17.00pm on 21st December EB £288pp the optional day on the 22nd (10am-6pm) can be added on as an addition to the 3 day journey for £44 or bought as a stand alone day for £99 please contact us at [email protected]

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