Fall in Love with yourself - A Sacral Revolution Cacao Ceremony​​- 16th February
7.15pm-10pm, The [email protected] dippers, 42 upper Gardner street Brighton soLD OUT

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Fall in Love with yourself - A Sacral Revolution Cacao Ceremony​​

“ This is a ceremony of coming into more reverence, more sensation, more vitality
and free falling into deep Amour of your own self-love”

Starlight is delighted to have been called to hold space for this deeply transcendent
and beautiful Cacao Medicine ceremony. This delicate medicine of the heart always flows into the sacral chakra in Starlight ceremonies. Working with heart medicines on the sacral center brings forth gentle and moving breakthroughs because you are wrapped so much softness and compassion that it becomes a liberations journey. This ceremony is one of recovery from past trauma as we become more magnetic, respective and loving towards ourselves

The guidance we have had about it have been so profound:

“This is a ceremony of Healing the Bust and Boom Patterns in the Sacral Chakra - which is the Chakra of life creation - the Chakra of Life force energy. When you are carrying bust and boom patterns within your sexual energy you experience a life of bust and boom-
in abundance, love, manifestation and most importantly in self -love!
Your sense of self moves between bust and boom. In Boom, you are feeling good and loving towards yourself, feeling alive within the flows of life. Then you drop into Bust-
into the low vibrations of unworthiness unlovedness and uncertainty. Healing this patterning is a major key to both ascension and manifesting and one of the major collective healings happening through 2019.

This ceremony is a call for those
who are ready to feel more consistent in their
own self-love
A call to those who are
ready to transcend the bust and boom
limitation patterns
in their manifested reality
a call to those whoa re ready to claim
the temple rights
of their own sensuality
letting their sexual energy
restore the vibrancy
of their body, essence, and center
it is a call to those
who want to live in love with themselves and all that is
who are feeling the stirrings of the sacral revolution
that this year holds
inside their life and within their bodies”

This Channeled Ceremony will be over lighted by goddess Mary Magdalene and supported by Goddess Brigid and Kali - Ma. Held in the deep divine feminine love and wisdom of these goddesses we will heal, release, discover and reveal.

The ceremony will include:

Altar Prayer and Temple Chants - We will open the ceremony with connected intentions and temple awakening meditation

Sacred Cacao Medicine - together we drink ceremonial grade blessed cocoa

Journeying Meditation

Sacral Speaking - supported by loving channeled energies and sound we will be taken on a medicine journey into a sacred sharing and releasing circle
Portal Healing - The ceremony will be held in a crystal gird alchemy portal to assist multi-layer consciousness release.
This is a ceremony of coming into a greater overflow of self-love and we magnetically recharge and realign our sacral chakras. Its themes are very much about reunion, unity, and Trinity. So it is open to all genders - men, women, and Presti (two spirit ones) space will be safe and respectful. It is about becoming more intimate with your divine self and you transform trump stories into love stories, allow yourself to be held and witnessed by your tribe.