​ Cacao Ceremony To Bring abundance into your life- 4th November 7.15pm-10pm, Unity Studios Brighton 25ppSOLD OUT

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A Cacao Ceremony for Abundance 
Cacao (pure raw chocolate) is a gentle yet powerful plant medicine that helps us to open, heal and connect to our hearts. Cacao is the plant medicine of the heart Chakra, when taken in its pure organic traditional form it opens our hearts as a gateway to our soul. Gifting us with healing, insights and a gentle release of what is not of service. 

Using guided meditation we journey deep within to discover more about ourselves, release any negative blocks to find inner peace and clarity. There are many ways to work with this beautiful, legal medicine but my guidance is to use her to deepen our connection to Goddess energy and discover the rising feminine ways of healing (whether we are male or female). 

After the popularity of Septembers Abundance Cacao Ceremony This month’s ceremony is also dedicated to Abundance. It is a meeting of Cacao Medicine and abundance- The medicine and meditation will take you on a soul landscaping journey into the energetic arms of this Goddess. Surrounded by her sparkling golden light,  she will teach us to become immersed in the sensations of abundance, show us how to receive more freely and vibrationally-sing the sacred scriptures that will awaken more flowing abundance into our lives. This ceremony is a glorious, light-filled submersion into the heart of abundance and it’s  teachings of surrender, welcoming and manifesting. 

The Ceremony will include: 

Channeled meditation and Journeying

Ceremonial Cacao - Ethically source Pure, raw Ceremonial 

Crystal Grid portal Healing - the ceremony will be held inside a Crystal Grid Portal, for multidimensional energy healing 

Goddess Messages - Channeled wisdom from Goddess's

Abundance  Healing - Abundance is your nature,  we will be shown the inner blocks and stories that hold us back from that nature, we will be gently guided to alchemically release and heal them, becoming more whole and vibrant as we do.