Ibiza - May 2019 SOLD OUT

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So this year we are doing things slightly different, as advised by Katys guides we are going to do this in a 5d way, we are going to take a deposit for Ibiza from anyone interested and book accommodation and transport around those numbers, rest assured we will book wonderful accommodation and as usual have Italy's finest driver at the wheel of a suitable sized vehicle and ready to pick you up from the airport and take us all on, what has become the most wonderful, joyous and transformational journey working with the lands and sea of one of the most breathtaking islands in the Meditatrrean.

The price will be £1222pp for the 10-day journey including accommodation, breakfast, all transport and 10 days of ceremony, self-work, light work, and portal journeying. 
The dates will be determined when numbers are confirmed but we are aiming for the 2nd week of May. 

All deposits must reach us no later than the 22nd February and accommodation will be booked and confirmed by the end of February so people can book their flights etc.

Deposits are £555 pp booking for this journey CLOSES on 22nd February. Total cost will be £1222 for a single bed in a shared room.
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It is with immense joy and so much emotion that we announce the last of the Earth Star Portal project journeys to Ibiza! This will be the 5th and final journey of this project. All of the other journeys have gifted our lives beyond words, each one has been so different and filled with so much awakening, truth, magic, rebirth, healing, and miracles. This is the project that birthed our Soul Journeys, Dimensional Channeling, Crystal Grid work, Portal healing. Every journey we have come away upgraded, transformed, realigned and filled with new and ancient spiritual tools. It has flooded our memories with so much beauty, laughter, tribe-joy, and spiritual truth. Every year we have had the land and guides teach us more cosmically than the year before. We have witnessed so many incredible healings, breakthroughs transformations in ourselves and those that have been called and to announce the finale one* is to realize just how rare and special this light, earth self-work project has been:

“Not a holiday but a journey that transformed my life. One of those journeys that made me drop the barriers within myself and in the end made me to gain more than I could expect. One of those journeys that made me cry in gratitude what words couldn’t express heading on the way back home,I opened my heart to the magic, to the island, to the people……”

( Erica , Starlight’s Awakening to Freedom The first Ibiza Journey)

Tuning into this journey, all we can feel is a celebration.
“This journey is one of so much celebration, a celebration of the Self - It is a journey of temple alchemy healing where tsunami waves of light will crash through your consciousness to clear cleanse and heal the shadow.”

We have been guided to tell everyone interested to read this channeled message in order for them to  tune in about if they are called to this journey: 

“This sacred soul journey is a call, it is a call that will speak to each person so that they can know if they are meant to be there. The dates of this journey will align depending on who is called for each person that chooses to be initiated into the Elements of light on this journey. Those who are called will find that all align. This is a journey that must begin from the heart, from freedom - just as this project began with the awakening to freedom journey. For you are free within your soul contracts and you are free to choose and so now in circle with you, we the guides and guardians of Starlight’s Ibiza Light Earth project speak to you :

We say that this journey is a ceremonial light earth work adventure ...
of transcending the shadows of the Piscean age. It is a journey where tsunami waves of light, will flood, cleanse and clear the shadow consciousness that is no longer of service to you. It is a journey of becoming intimate with Elements of light so that they infuse with the Elements of Earth inside your very essence so that you can flow more fully upon the current of soul purpose. So that you can Overflow with light! Shining your truth and destiny into the world.  It is a journey of receiving and reclaiming the ancient wisdoms and initiations from the dawn and golden ages of Atlantis and receiving and igniting the tools and wisdoms from the dawn and golden ages of Aquarius. Creating an ascension pyramid within your perception of self, within your path. It is a journey of healing the wounds of separation, abandonment, and disempowerment and experiencing the renewal force of forgiveness across the timelines of your soul. It is a journey where the essence of Each of the past four Ibiza journeys -whether you were present on them or not -will arrive into your consciousness….. freedom, reconnection…ancient sun fire transformation and the soulkras of the elements of the Earth will activate within you. For if you are called to this journey part of you will have been energetically present in all that came before. This is a journey of living in immense celebration of the self and dancing with the magic of synchronicity and the medicine of magnetism that awaits you in this magnetic temple. It is a journey of medicine and portal ceremonies. One of lying belly and heart to the Earth, in an abound of surrender and understanding sacred vulnerability in order to receive. 
It is a journey of being carried through the Ebb and Flow of Bliss as you soul landscape and dimensional channel and awaken in portals in order to understand your self. It is a journey of becoming more crystalline as you serve the ascension activation of the crystalline grid of collective manifesting. It is a journey of developing your gifts as lightworkers, earth workers and tribe members. One of the beautiful visions, deep reconnections, embodied experiences and total purification of many layers of the 3d old self. It is a Lotus Welcoming of your Divine Potential through a dance of energy, alchemy, ceremony, and celebration. It is a journey into Living the Overflow of your Light. Rising with Gaia into the 5D overflow of her light. Overflow can only happen in the present time and you will know the only thing you need to know about this journey at this time. Which is that you are called or not Let your body and your heart know and lead you. and the rest will unfold and overflow. For those that are called, we await in open-armed celebration to hold you in the flow of this, that is a divine ascension.” 

* there will be a weekend of Lightwork happening later in the year to Activate the Earth star portal - this will not be a journey but a gathering of the tribe. 

Feedback from past Starlight Soul Journeys:

“The Avebury goddess journey was a totally transformative few days. Katy and Kath nurture and support, giving individual attention whilst making sure the needs of the group are met. Katy's channeling is unlike anything I've experienced, 100% authentic and always spot on. This is less of a retreat and more of a soul journey which will challenge you and always give you what you need. Sometimes that is hard, but you are supported every step of the way in the magic of Starlight.

If you are looking to reclaim your power as a woman and tap into your divine goddess this is the trip for you. Avebury is magical and soulful, and I felt like I traveled so deep into my soul, was reborn and cleared so much that needed to be cleared.”

Mel Avebury 2016

"Iwassoooo excited about the retreat when I saw the activities involved.

It far exceeded my expectations & was so wonderful in so many ways.

It was nurturing, healing, inspiring & fun.

I will never, ever forget what a big part of my healing journey it was.

And it's the beginning of something new and exciting for me to explore.

Katy and Kath are very special women in very different ways & I hope to stay in touch with all the ladies that went.

I wanted the journey to consolidate my healing & to get my 
magick back.

It did that and so, so much more.

Go with an open mind and an open heart & the treasures you will get from it will be never-ending. The setting alone will take your breath away."

Sam, Glastonbury.

"Everything you never expect: all the best things are just outside your comfort zone"

Keith, Ibiza 2016


Included in the prices above are 10 nights accommodation  Breakfast every morning. All transport on and around the island including airport pick up and drop off's (if you arrive during allocated time slots). All ceremony, circles
and workshops including Cacao and Frankincense. 

Not included in the price are your flights, lunches and dinners- we have regular stops at supermarkets on these journeys and regular stops at restaurants and tavernas
Almost all of our ceremonies our outside in stunning locations around this amazing island- some are a slight climb and our trip to Atlantis is quite a climb both down and up so please be aware a general level of fitness is required for this journey. With all that in 
mind you will assisted
loved and supported by your tribe throughout.

These journeys are life changing- you will be held in ceremony by three amazing experienced space holders, Katy an experienced and wonderful Channel leading all ceremonies and Kath and Erica assisting, there will be some free time throughout the journey for integration, swimming in the amazing clear sea and chilling out at the Villa, we will do Cacao under the stars and dance at the Drumming beach of Benirras.

Please Note all Deposits are non-refundable/ non-transferable

Please note flights lunch and dinner are not included we recommend you try www.skyscanner.net for cheap flights to and from ibiza... if you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]