Starlight runs many 'journeys' throughout the year we run them within the UK but also several times a year we also goto other countries...we used to call these journeys 're-treats' however they are a little more adventorous than that, we like to go 'on-location' to do our ceremonies, we like to be outdoors as much as the weather permits (and sometimes even when it doesn't if the group are willing) and we like to immerse ourselves in the landscape and in Gaia, we make sure we goto the most sacred special sites we can find often away from all the crowds and tourists and we spend time doing ceremony to the rising sun or cacao under the stars it all adds to a magical co-creational journey with Gaia who truely works with you when doing such amazing light-work and inner work, these journeys need to be experienced, please check out the drop down menu below the 'journeys' button to see what starlight has coming up