1. "It was amazing,fantastic,beautiful and perfect. I cannot imagine either how it could have been better or what I could`ve done today that would come close to being as good as this"
    Simon 2014
  2. "Awsome inspiring such a journey my life will never ever be the same such bravery love honesty integrity healing fromevery one I love u all I love myself Im truly honoured and blessed to have sharedsuch a transformational journey with you all katy and joy you were incredible and inspiring thank you for co creating this magical adventure"
    Emma 2014
  3. Dear Katy thank you again for facilitating this amazing Goddess weekend. Your hospitality and loving energy is amazing! I feel so rich with experience,love, light, goddesses, not only realised from blockages, but also rich with new friendships. I can't thank you enough for getting me closer to my soul family. . Love to you always True Shining Star!
    Joanne 2015
  4. wow!! words cannot express the supportive atmosphere nor the tremendous healing energy. Thank you
    Leah 2015
  5. "Over a number of sessions Katy not only did for me what years of traditional therapies could not but gave me the tools to deal with my problems on a daily basis. I don't think I would be exaggerating to say this lady saved my life, I literally cannot thank her enough and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anybody struggling with anything, no matter how big or small. '
    Anon 2015
  6. "Katy totally and utterly supported me throughout the process and taught me how to support and heal myself which has been invaluable ever since. I think the most profound part of the healing for me was the way in which Katie taught me how to CHANGE MY MIND. Literally. So simply, so beautifully, so powerfully. Thank you Katie SO much- I absolutely love my life now and I could never have said that before. You are the bomb!"
    Anon 2015
  7. I was drawn to booking 1:1 Skype sessions with Katy at a time I felt I need to work out some issues in an accelerated manner and with someone who can guide and hold a pure heart space. Katy's energy is so pure, loving and dedicated to her mission that I've experienced powerful energetic shifts almost in each session and in between.. Katy was also as caring to follow up between sessions and encouraged me to do energy work every day with channeled assignments.. I feel like I've came out of the darkest part of the dark night of the soul during my work with her and received priceless channeled guidance. Can't thank her enough.
    P, 2014
  8. There are no words to describe the gratitude I feel for the magical time we spent at Glastonbury and Avebury for the Blood Moon. The beautiful Katy guided our group through many magical ceremonies and even a string of superlatives cannot begin to describe them. There were so many moments of utter bliss and, indeed, transcendence and each time I believed that it cannot get any better... and then it did. Wonderful synchronicities, 'chance' meetings with other 'light-souls', an ever deepening connection and ever more magic. I cannot imagine that there can be a greater joy and bliss in life than these experiences, sharing such special moments with such beautiful people. Katy is not only extremely gifted and dedicated, but is also a most generous and kind spirit. I'm still buzzing from the experience and I WILL definitely be back for more. If everybody could experience this, what a world we would create together!
    Karin Cordwell, Life Coach 2015
  9. Not an holiday but a journey that transformed my life. One of those journeys that made me drop the barriers within myself and in the end made me to gain more then i could expect. One of those journeys that made me cry in gratitude what words couldn’t express heading on the way back home,I opened my heart to the magic, to the island, to the people……
    Erica 2015
  10. The healing your consciousness course has really helped me with issues of self love and empowerment. It was great to go through all the chakras one by one as it for me it highlighted areas i needed to work on that I wouldn't have otherwise realised. The workshops, meditations and angel healings are amazing for healing deep emotions. The facebook group is a really useful way of sharing experiences as well
    Tracy 2015