Five Elements of the soul-A Transformational Journey
​An online 5 week immersive course £399

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'You are really held in this Love in magic in vibration and energy, there is so much care put into the emails and meditations- that huge break throughs are acheived in short spaces of time and there is a unique starlight vibration/quality/energy that is just joyous to be with, utterly infectious actually' Laura 2016

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 This is an incredibly beautiful journey deep into the Elements of your Soul-It is one of for those who are called to bring about true change in their lives. This journey is one of soul speaking, visioning and healing, one of finding new expressions and understanding,One of balancing and One of becoming that change that we seek. It is a personal, intimate journey of being gently carried by the 5 Elements to where you need to be.

Through heart centred listening, journeying and ceremony this course will gift you with tools and insight needed to create empowered life transformations. The elements of Earth,Air, Fire, Water and Love are our ancestors, our grandparents, from which all of life flows. Each one holds many teachings of flow and by meeting, honouring and hearing these elements we learn how to create Real flow in our lives. 
 As outside, so inside-when we journey to meet these ancient ones inside ourselves we gift that energy of that meeting to our lives… we gift ourselves with ancient insight, we heal, nourish, nurture and liberate ourselves. By going inwards we can change the current, the direction, the vibration and the power  of any area of life
Held inside the medicine wheel of this course you will travel to the poetic landscapes of your subconscious, to new discoveries and expressions of you. It is here, in the lushness of your being, that you can unravel the consciousness that keeps you stuck in old habits, old patterns and ways of thinking that do no longer serve… It is here that we are able to find and understand the belief systems that bind and limit, It is here that we can be quiet enough to hear the answers…just as dock leaves are always next to nettles, the balm to heal is also here,  also inside of you… This is a channeled  journey to meeting parts of soul — the spirit of the elements of your soul … the energy work happens through you, for you and beyond you — your intention is heard, it is felt, it is fused.

This online course can be done in your own time… it is about birthing the change your want into your everyday life. 

The course will include
1 Invocation Webinar - learn to honour the beginning, create  space for change, discover how to journey and allow your intention to evolve as it is heard by the Universe. 
10 Webinars on the 5 elements… There will be two webinars for each of the elements, this cosmic journeys will take you to the essence of each element, to what it can teach, liberate and transform for you. They are immersive, energy journeys into your consciousness. You will meet Element guides, be shown new perspective and how to use the element to transform your shadows. 
Each soul-element will guide you to where there is too much and too little of its energy in your life so that the journey becomes one of returning to harmony and wholeness. 
1 completion webinar This final webinar gifts you with tools to take your Element journey into the future and allows you to energetically complete the wheel cycle of this healing journey. 

There will be a private online sharing space to help you to process your journey, here you will be able receive support and guidance during the course and share the synchronistic  experiences and connections with others who are doing the course. 
Each week of the course you will receive an email with suggestions for how to work with the Element of the week, a healing guided meditation for the element To listen to between the webinars and a personal ceremony with a video guide that you can energise the consciousness work you do within the webinars
The cost for this journey is £399

As with all starlight courses there is a huge amount of channeled guidance and energy work that happens for you…There will be many magical experiences for all who are called to this journey it is one of empowering you to heal and change your life. 

'Its been such a heart opening crazy adventure...i honestly feel like everything has been transformed that is holding me back' Katherine 2016

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