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Do you know what the root word of receive is?
It comes from Latin and means:
Think about it, if we receive we seize the day, seize life, seize abundance again and again...We seize all that life has to offer again and again.
It is so beautiful, so simple!

This course is a journey, a magical, alchemical, transformational one into the depths of what it means to truly receive abundance.
Over this healing journey we will delve deep into the following themes: 


Through a process of healing and ritual, you will be realigning these themes within yourself, awakening your divine right to receive.  It is a journey of re-integrating into nature, becoming one with the laws of abundance and receptivity by understanding them fully: rhythmically, vibrationally and cosmically. It is a journey that will spiral you deep into the roots of abundance so that you can reclaim the wisdom of the tree of life; the willingness to receive.

This is a channeled healing adventure through time, nature, self and consciousness, One that will travel you across soul landscapes and akashic dreams. It will guide you through the teachings of the greatest temples of nature and re-imprint your consciousness with the sacred scriptures of the goddess.  It will tenderly toss, turn, and transcend you through portals of your own awareness until it delivers you into the receptive power of the lost feminine. 

Receiving is the feminine way and it is only by turning inwards, healing and remembering that we can fully receive the abundance that is our birthright.  This course is a re-merging with the feminine archetypes of receiving the Divine mother, the Inner queen, the tantric priestess, learning to embody them through a process of listening, healing, and ceremony.  

This is a course that goes beyond manifesting, it is a deep cleansing of consciousness, a clearing out of the blocks and beliefs we have around money, worthiness and receiving. 
Alchemy is the ancient healing process that is embodied by the landscapes of the Earth It is the process of recycling old energy into new light… turning old consciousness into gold consciousness.  Through this deeply transformational process, we will discover and heal the blocks to our abundance, so that we can live free, flowing bountiful lives. 
The course takes place over a 5 week period and twice a week there will be emails sent out containing ceremonies channeled guidance and messages. Twice weekly there will be live webinars with alchemical healings and archetype abundance guided journeys (these webinars will also be recorded and sent out to you so don’t worry if you cannot make the live sessions).

The course includes:

An Invocation immersive webinar guiding you gently into the beginnings of our journey (21st March
A Daily Abundance Attunement Practice ( with channeled
Priesti music, uniquely created for this course)
10 Live Alchemy Abundance Archetype  Webinars ( Approx.2hrs each)
5 Temples of Nature Abundance Lessons
5 Sacred Abundance Ceremonies (with video guidance and description)
New Moon Money Manifestation Ritual 
Unique Channeled Goddess Messages 
An Abundance Spirit Animal Journey 
An Integration Webinar fully integrating our Journey together (30th April)
A Group Sharing Space and Live Support 
Regular VLOGS and live chats to answer any of your questions as and when they come 
up on
this journey.

The Alchemy healing process will involve, sacred geometry activations, Sun-temple fire alchemy, DNA Alchemy, Energy transmissions, Channeled activations, Dimensional Channeling, Soul Landscaping, Goddess Healing, Meridian Clearing and many more revolutionary tools and techniques. 
For the duration of the course, you will be held within the over-lighting energy of the course. Much of the healing work happens on an energetic and soul level as you experience the magic of circle synchronicity. 

The Course is over-lighted by Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Gaia, and Goddess Juno, it is supported by many goddesses, star beings,  the Priestis, Shakti priestess and the angels of Abundance. It is a journey in which all that you are belongs to the process …. Where you will learn to love yourself fiercely, discovering the free falling of your own trust as you dissolve the stories of your past. Creating into new spaces of you and surrendering to the magic prayer. Seeing the rainbows beyond the tears as you flow into oneness with the abundance that surrounds you. 

“Money is Heart Energy… what you wish for, what you pay for, what you invest in are the things your heart loves… When you heal the blocks in your abundance you create more heart energy in your Life.”

 Reduced Rate for webinar listeners was £555 now £499 (24hrs only)

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Course + 2hr Individual Alchemy Skype session Reduced rate for webinar listeners was £744 now £688 (24hrs only)

Individual 2 hour Alchemy sessions are normally £222 per session. For more info on Alchemy one to one sessions click here

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 "There really aren't the words to explain how amazing the Starlight Meditation courses are. If I could, I would share the feelings with you because that's what these courses do - evoke, prod, stir, and delve into deeply held feelings while giving you breakthroughs, and allowing you to smash barriers and old belief systems that hold you back.

Tried many meditations before? All the same? Can't sit still through the long ones? Me too. But these courses and meditations are not like others. There are almost no rules and movement can be very much part of the process. The most incredible part is that Katy may take you through the meditations, but you make the breakthroughs and you learn what is relevant to your life and your situations.

I've happily paid for three courses over the past year. Before starting the first course, prolonged illness had made me hermit-like and too scared to move forward. Now, I'm back to my lioness self, standing proud and full of joy. Even better, I learned to ask my fears what they were about and confronting them directly made them dissipate almost instantly. Oh, and along the way I learned how to truly love and respect myself.

I've recommended Starlight to several friends, and I recommend them to whoever is reading this now. Put in the work by doing these courses and meditations. You may cry, and you may feel the hurt of old wounds coming up, but the healing, love, and joy at the end is worth every tear."

Edwina Rise of the Divine (amongst others) 2017